This week was very busy!  Beside being swamped with framing, and now way behind deadlines, I scheduled two special events this week.  Tuesday evening I did a fabric mat workshop.  It was fun, and thanks to the snowy, frigid weather, intimate.  The evening started with yummy soup and bread, courtesy of Val, and chatting at the yarn table.  Oh! and her scrumptious Lemon loaf.  Then we made our way to the work room and I helped the ladies whip up these fabric wrapped mats! Each fit into an 8 x 10 American Moulding frame which they brought home with them.  This workshop is cool 🙂  I would love to do more of these workshops, but as usual, I am the worst at marketing my ideas.  They are fun and can be done at home with scrap fabric.  Great way to use up scraps that match bedding, curtains or upholstery.  The next day (event no.2) I made my way to NYC with my friend Bridgid.  Yes, we did pick the coldest day so far to trek into the city, what of it?!  I bribed Bridgid with a free lunch to be my photographer for the day.  Our first stop, The National Arts Club, to view the newest show Nocturnes: Romancing the Night.  Some great works, if you are in the area, stop in.  I was really excited to see the painting below by Jason Yarmosky .  I have never seen his work in person.  Notice Bridgid’s stealth photography!  We then headed to Cooper Square to meet up with Kate, to discuss the GPFS website.  Kate is taking on the maintenance of our site.  This meeting was a very important part of the day, so naturally I left all of my notes home!  We had a great lunch and discussed some aspects of the site, but…I will email her my notes. On to our next, and much anticipated, stop, Purl SoHo.  This was my first time to Purl SoHo, and it lived up to the hype!  What a great shop.  We were there on the coldest Wednesday in January and the place was packed with customers.  Yarn floor to ceiling, fabric and findings too.  We left the cozy yarn shop and braved the bitter cold to meet our friends at the Majestic Theater to see the matinee showing of The Phantom of the Opera.  We stopped for a glass of wine before our train home, all in all, a great day!  The next several weeks I will be displaying Oops frames.  These are frames that either were cut the wrong size for a custom order, were damaged or made from left over scraps and are priced at least 50% off retail.  These are great for photo collages, small keepsakes and are budget-friendly.  Lot’s of framing to do!  The piece above is a beautiful shot of Bay Head, though, in this picture it’s upside-down!  The blue is the sky. Ha!  Beverly stopped in on Friday to show off the work she has been doing.  I love the scarf she’s making with Cascade 220 Superwash Sport.  She’s combining two gray colors for a really cozy soft garment.  It’s lovely.  My week ends with a cold and a missed day of work.  Now I am really behind schedule!  Ruby keeps me company, he’s such a good friend.

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