High Mountain

No.1  High Mountain Park Preserve

This is the first of my 52 Hike Challenge.  I am hoping to hike a different New Jersey trail on my Mondays off.  I am several hikes into the challenge, but have only now decided to blog.  Spending a few hours in the fresh air alone, I can think about my life trajectory and focus on the important things, though I am right back to the mess on Tuesday!  Walking in the woods allows me time without distraction to pray and think about what God has called me to and how to plan to live my everyday with Him in mind.  My hope is to write about my hikes, knitting, my frame shop and daily life, and to do so once a week.  This is a much bigger challenge for me than hiking!  I get lost in my work from week to week, and months will go by and I haven’t accomplished what I was planning to, so I am hoping to journal my way to a more organized way of running my business.  I am assuming it is going to take a while before I find my voice and figure this out, but I will try.  I really want to tie my life, work and faith together more cohesively.  I love organization!

This is Miller, my husband, Bud the Cat and Kim Jong Mil, our other cat.

Yarn and frames and gifty-things at the shop.  I will write more about this stuff and in future posts.

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