Great Pacific news

So…I have been super busy with all kinds of projects and events at the shop.

K1P2: knit and crochet meetings have been fun as always.  We have a project for the summer.  We are making pretty and soft scarves for A Time For Me, a local charity that provides a complimentary respite for women who are dealing with the trauma of cancer.  And we are aiming to make 50 scarves by September 1st! Yikes 🙂  The scarf pictured above was made by Barbara Jarvis.  She used Cascade Eco Alpaca, it’s 100% baby Alpaca and it is so soft.  It’s gorgeous, she made it for her boyfriend, who, I am sure, will love it!

I framed this wedding invitation for my friends who got hitched this weekend.  They are such a great couple and the wedding was wonderful.  I absolutely enjoy framing invitations.  It’s such a nice gift to give and fun to design.

So like I said, the shop is very busy.  The antique poster reproductions are very popular right now, I’ve framed a couple and sold a few more!  They are very big and look great framed up.  The artwork that I framed, the surfboards and body surfing images, is for an artist who will be traveling to Montauk, to show these pieces for the summer.  These pieces are monsters!  And they make an impact, I’m positive he will sell these quickly.

Some new Heritage Silk colors came in.  I love this yarn, it’s a mulberry silk and merino superwash wool blend, soft and pliable.  I have plans to make a shawl with it.  Right now I am experimenting with knitting it together with 2 strands of Kid Seta.  So far so good, pictures soon.

Yarn Bowls!  Greg La Placa has made these beautiful bowls for the shop.  The yarn sets in them so nicely.  These are great handmade gifts for all and any yarnies!  The crochet book is new too, some cute patterns for sure.

Stop in if you are in town…coffee, knitting, framing…Funky Chunks!

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  1. Moe says:

    I can’t wait to get to NJ and come hang out / work at the Shop. I’ve missed you and the shop. Good luck with all your projects.

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