Simple Shadowbox

I framed these three architectural plans from Archimuse, an architecture firm in Manhattan, similar to a shadowbox.  Setting the artwork away from the acrylic using 3/8″ beveled strips (spacers) of acid-free foam board added depth to the framing.  The pieces were framed with Nielsen metal frames and Acrylite museum grade acrylic.  The spacers are attached to the frame leaving a snug channel for the acrylic to slide into.  The artwork and acid-free backer are inserted on the bevel-side of the spacer.  I cut the bevel to make it easier to assemble the framing packet, it will compress slightly if the space is too snug…and any gaps disappear completely!  After the protective coating is removed from the acrylic, static will pull the paper toward the acrylic, so I had to take them apart to securely attach the paper to the board.  And of course the static sucks every piece of dust in to the frame, so cleaning can be tricky, we wear antistatic gloves to hand the acrylic, fingerprints are NOT allowed!  The final piece assemble, they are ready to go.

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