Dan’s Blanket

Dan’s Blanket.  Oh man, is it a whopper!  Weighting in at 7 1/4 pounds, this monster used 40 skeins of yarn (each skein is 220yards, totaling 5 miles) and measures 64″ x 84.”  Dan, requested a warm, heavy blanket, so I used Cascade 220 100% wool yarn and Souk, a wool and silk blend yarn.  I held a strand of 220 and Souk together as I half-double crocheted the stripes.  The striping pattern turned out so great!  I alternated gray, blue and navy 220 while holding the variegated Souk, in three colors, throughout.  This was a great project to do while hanging out with friends or sitting in a waiting room.  That is, until it got to be completely ridiculous to carry around because of it’s size.  So it took me longer than I anticipated because I could only work on it at home once I reached the halfway point.  I think it took about 50 hours, give or take a few.  The reverse crocheted edge will help hold the shape of the blanket because it is such a strong stitch.  Dan has been warned to dry-clean only, unless he wants a really thick throw rug!!  It looks so pretty in my guest room that maybe, MAYBE, I will make one for myself. One day. In the future. Maybe!

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