Rainbow Trout

What a fun project!!  Artists Karen LaDu and Joseph Macaya of Decorative Philosophy asked me to embellish one their pieces for an upcoming exhibit.  The show consists of their pillows and pillow designs.  I embellished the Rainbow Trout design using several simple and textured embroidery stitches.  I really enjoyed working on this project and it was nice to put down my knitting needles for a bit.  It has definitely inspired me to do more of this work.  I am think of doing some of my doodles and lettering, maybe on some dinner napkins or hankies.  I love the old hankies my great-Grammy used to have in her purse.  What do you think of some of these doodles? Maybe some of those squiggles would be great on a hanky.  Or better yet, on napkins that I sew up for Christmas gifts?  I need to get a move on!

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