Penny Infinity Scarf

The Penny Infinity Scarf is so fun to make and rewarding to finish.  This pattern is by Andee Fagan, I love her patterns!  Written well, fun and challenging knitting and beautiful designs, I would recommend trying one of hers asap.  So I started this baby on my vacation to Punta Cana.  It was great to sit in the shade on a lovely beach and knit for hours.  But, I learned a few hard lessons.  1. Don’t knit while drinking dirty martinis.  2. Don’t knit a lace pattern while drinking dirty martinis.  3. Don’t knit a lace pattern while drinking dirty martinis on vacation with your Aunt and Nieces!  We had a blast 🙂  But the next day I had to un-knit about 3 inches of the pattern.  Ah well, live and learn!  The upside, I was on a beach in the middle of November undoing a mistake, things could have been worse.  This yarn, Forest Hills from Cascade Yarns is gorgeous and wonderful to work with.

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