Norvin Green

No.3  Norvin Green State Forest

Holy Mackerel, Norvin Green!!  I will be visiting here often, as often as possible.  It’s so beautiful, and some parts are remote enough to make a person forget she is in the middle of New Jersey.  I hiked with Jaime and Etta Mae, we did a 6 mile loop with a 961 ft. elevation gain.  It’s a demanding hike, but with plenty of payoffs.  Fall Colors were past peak, but still vibrant.

@ the shop

I finished a crocheted cowl out of Eco Duo by Cascade Yarns for a sweet customer, but had to try it on since it matched my hair!  That’s Miller and Lori hanging out at the front table, most likely discussing electronics.  He is still working on his arcade game, but he set it up so we could play.  It’s almost done!!

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  1. Nickie says:

    Hi Paige! What pattern did you use for the crocheted cowl? Love it! Would love to have been on that hike with you…great photos! With love, Nickie (Lisa’s sister in California)

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