No. 6 Cheesequake State Park

I had to keep my hiking close to home this week with all of the Thanksgiving errands to run and out-of-state visitors to see, so I chose Cheesequake State Park.  I have lived in Monmouth County my entire life and this is my first visit.  Cheesequake is really nice with fun trails and lots to see.  Jaime kept me company today and we did a 7 mile loop on the yellow to blue to green trails.  Nothing difficult, but lots of fun.  The weather was beautiful, but brisk.  I definitely need to pick up some Columbia Omni Heat leggings.  I have an Omni Heat shirt, which kept me super warm; it’s such thin material, I didn’t expect it to be so efficient.

In the morning before the hike, I had breakfast with my sister-in-law Tina.  We have been meeting on the Monday before Thanksgiving at Delicious Orchards to pick up our pies and things for the past 15 years.  It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions!  I love Tina, she’s always quick with an encouraging word and is always making me laugh 🙂

@ the Shop

So Jaime got to pay me back for the many times I made her be my model for my knitted things.  I am the worst at talking about and showing the knitting that I’m doing, which is really dumb considering I have a boat load of yarn that I need to sell.  Part of me trying to organize my days more efficiently is handing stuff off to Jaime.  “Jaime, you have to make me take pictures of knitting and yarn and framing! You should take the pictures!!)  So she did. Knitting and Kung Fu are just a couple of my skills, you don’t want to mess with me.  The first two pictures are of a throw I am currently frogging because I’ve decide to change the stitch pattern per color block.  Progress pictures to come.  I’m more than halfway done with my Guernsey Wrap (pattern Jared Flood) which I started back in October on my vacation in the Adirondacks.  I love it and need to devote a little bit more time to it to get it off my needles.

Lot’s of framing orders are coming in for Christmas.  Custom orders are can be made through December 14th and in stock orders through the 21st.  The fabric is taking off with in store and Etsy sales.  And the shop is stocked up with Christmas gifts made by locals.  Tara at Knitty Witty Purl makes the cutest, snuggliest little critters and hats and scarves.  I never feel prepared for this time of year, but some how it all works out 🙂

The Matthews have taken to staring me down in the afternoons for food, as if they hadn’t eat a few hours before!  They crack me up.

Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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