Hikes 32 – 34


No. 32  Manasquan River WMA

Our first time out with Miller’s new kayak.  We bought another Oru Kayak.  This one is the beach model.  Much more spacious with more room for gear.  We paddled around for a few hours, since we timed the tide right, we didn’t have to worry about rushing back. We had a great time!

No. 33  Sourland Mountain

Sourland is the most magical forest!!  Everyone should visit.  The hiking here is pretty easy to moderate, plenty of trails to choose from to make a short or longer loop hike.  I did a solo 5.5 mile loop, 600ft. elevation gain hike through a deep and dark forest, it was gorgeous!  My hike included breakfast at Devil’s Half Acre.  It’s a boulder field in the forest, tons of fun scrambling through!  I saw a lot of wild life on this hike; deer, birds, a toad and tons of beautiful bugs.  I will definitely be visiting again in the fall, it’s got to be amazing when the trees change!

No. 34  Shark River Park

I hiked along the Hidden Creek trail to the Pine Hills Loop, it’s my favorite in Shark River Park.  I knew I had to stay close to home to get work done and to plan next weeks adventure with my nephews.  They are coming to stay with me for a week and I am throwing a birthday shindig for the youngest who turned 5 in June.  So I decided to hike in to certain spot, hang my hammock and do my homework in the woods!  It worked out better than I expected; no dishes or laundry nagging at me and snacks or tv to distract me.  I love the woods!!

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