Success Lake

No. 37 Colliers Mills WMA

Paul Miller joined me for 37th hike.  I can’t believe that I’m 3/4 of the way through my challenge.  You may be noticing that some of my hikes are actually kayaking on lakes and rivers and saying to yourself, “hey, that’s not hiking!?”  I gave this a lot of thought and had to revisit my purpose for doing this 52 Hike Challenge.  I began this adventure back in October 2015 with the need to be in nature, getting exercise and focusing on what is important to me.  Being outside, as far from civilization as I can get (which, in NJ isn’t so far), gives me energy to live my everyday with a content and purposeful attitude.  Being in God’s creation helps me to see that I am part of His plan.  So, it doesn’t matter if I’m walking or paddling as long as I’m doing it!  Miller and I bought these AMAZING Oru Kayaks last year and I love them so, so much.  My Oru fits perfectly into my Challenge.

So, back to Success Lake.  Holy Mackerel!! What a great place and good day.  Driving to the lake got my heart racing a few times because we had to traverse several miles of sandy roads with my non 4 wheel drive CRV.  We found a great spot to launch and spent a couple hours paddling around the lake.  Tons of tree stumps in the lake had plants growing on them and Eastern Kingbirds nesting in the growth.  It was a beautiful afternoon. Miller found a great spot to set up our hammocks for a little relaxation before another sunset paddle.  We will definitely visit again.

@ The Shop

I’ve been doing lots of interesting framing lately.  And some really big pieces too.  I love the 3 Sea Fans pictured above.  The sweet customer who I did them for gave me a couple Sea Fans as a thank you, I can’t wait to frame them.  Allison and Greg both have been busy filling the shop with their fabric, crafts and pottery.  Allison and I have a project of the month going for July and August.  Pictured above is the start of one of mine.  Finished projects can be seen on my Facebook page and in the next blog post.

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