Hikes 39 & 40

No. 39 Assunpink Lake

No pictures from this adventure, friends!  I guess I was too happy to be out and about because my camera battery was dead and I left my phone in the car!!  This lake was good.  I saw huge turtles sun bathing and herons fishing.

No. 40 Stone Tavern Lake

Today was one of those days that make me want to live in the wilderness.  I got in the water at 5:45am. I paddled past very large pickerel,tiny perch and a largemouth bass, within 10 minutes of launching.  Seriously!!? My dad and Uncle Bobby would have been so excited. Was it because I was the first one on the lake that the fish were all just hanging out at the top of the water?  It was so cool.  Not to mention the amount of painted turtles floating around.  A pair of swans glided past me as I watched a Heron pluck a fish from the water.  The wildlife just went about it’s business as if I weren’t there.  This is the kind of stuff that I love! And get excited about.  I paddled around for over an hour and by the time I headed back to my car a couple of anglers were beginning their day.  I hope they had a good one!

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