The Blackhead Range

No. 49 The Blackhead Range

This was my first hike of our Catskill Vacation and it was great!  It would have been perfect if the weather had cooperated, but the intermittent rain and gusting wind made it more of an adventure.  Miller chauffeured me to and fro which made for a nice hike with no repeat or loop and I was able to cover more ground that way.  My hike took me 7.4 miles from the drop off through the Blackhead Mountain Range to Big Hollow Rd.  I climbed to the summit of Camel’s Hump, Thomas Cole Mountain and Black Dome reaching and overall 1745′ elevation gain.  I opted to skip Blackhead Mountain which was a smart choice because the weathered started to turn and I was tired, though I wish I could have made it!  The trail was challenging and difficult in spots and I had to push myself hard to stay on schedule.  It was so worth it!!  Black Dome (3980′) and Thomas Cole (3940′) are the 3rd and 4th highest peaks in the Catskills, I can check them off the Catskill 3500 Club list.

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