Mt. Pisgah

No.52 Mt. Pisgah

Hike 52.  My challenge is finished, but my hiking is not.  This hike was the perfect way to end my 52 Hike Challenge.  Miller drove me to the trail head and I started my hike in the rain.  This trail is remote and I had the whole forest to myself.  The forest is old and there were so many great trees and burls.  The rain hitting the leaves on the ground was pretty but my clumsy self slipped all over the place.  This place is magical.  The Autumn colors and and fall leaves and rain ended at a steep incline.  The sun came out and I found myself in Christmas land.  The trail was no longer slippery leaves it was now soft pine needles.  The trees were incredibly tall, the pine smelled great and it was so super quiet except for when the wind wiped through.  I made it to the top of Mt. Pisgah, no view but a beautiful atmosphere.  Miller met me at the trail head and by the time we got back to the house it was snowing! Crazy day!  We made a fire and I had a glass of wine and felt very content.  I love New York!

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