So many frames to make and pieces to finish!  January is usually a slow time for the shop, but not this year.  And that is O.K. with me.  This week brings a bunch of fun framing projects, including several  multi-opening mats.  Multi-openings are brain-teasers…lot’s of measuring!  The work table gets a bit cluttered with tools and supplies as the day progresses, I should reorganize between each piece, but that rarely happens.  Coffee break with Val and Taylor is a welcome part of the day.  Dave the mailman left a treat for Ted, the dog next door, and skipped his usual dark roast cup of Joe.  Back to work, I finished framing up a Wilco poster for Dania and Lane.I really like the way this one turned out.  Saturday was very busy and I ended up working until 6 to get the place in order for next week.  Pat McCarthy stopped in to discuss hanging his photography in the gallery.  His work is beautiful!  It was hard to choose which images to frame and hang and which to mat and bin.  In the end (after a couple of hours) I picked four groups of three pictures to frame and a gazillion to bin.  Lori stopped to work on the weaved cowl she started a couple of weeks ago.  It came out so great, you can see a picture of it on my Facebook page.  She made it using Cascade Yarns Eco Duo, an Alpaca, Merino blend.  This yarn is so scrumptious!  While Lori was here, I working on my knitting.  I love to crochet and I’m really good at it. Knitting, on the other hand…I don’t love, perhaps because I have crocheted for so long that I get frustrated with learning to knit.  But, my 2013 resolution was to not just learn to knit, but to be a knitter.  Next week will be another busy week with a couple of evening meetings and a trip to New York and two family functions on Saturday.  Enjoy your week…maybe throw some creativity into it, make it interesting!

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