Framing Samples Unite!

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I have, for years, tried to come up with creative ways to use the hundreds of corner samples that have either been discontinued or damaged.  They usually end up in the trash bin, rats!  Lynn Snyder, founder of Common Ground Grief Center, needed help framing a mural for the center.  She had framing samples stock-piled, as did I, and wanted to some how use them to frame the mural.  Yippeee! I get to use the old samples.  After taking measurements and figuring out what materials were needed, I loaded up my car and headed over to the Center.  Common Ground Grief Center is located in Manasquan, NJ.  It’s a house that has been renovated to the counseling needs of the children who are grieving the death of a parent.  The entire house!  A room for art therapy, a room for play therapy, dress-up, a hang out room and a quiet room.  Every room is designed for the kids.  It’s such a wonderful home of healing!  Please check out their website, donate or volunteer if you can.  I really had fun doing this project and love the way it turned out.  The corners are especially fun; I used canvas so the kids could add leaves to them as well as the actual mural.  Lynn painted the tree and the kids write messages to their loved ones on the leaves.  I am so grateful to have helped Common Ground.

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