Sheep & Fiber Festival

Scroll over each picture

Miller and I had a great day!  We learned so much about sheep, the different breeds and the people who raise them.  The Garden State Sheep Breeders community was very welcoming and glad to share with us.

We also met lots of people OBSESSED with wool!  Mary Bare at Cranberry Creek Fibers is helping to bring the English Leicester Longwool breed back to the U.S.  This breed is on the critical list.  Joelle Burbank at Wandering Wool has an interesting life-story that has her hand-dying yarns.  The colors are incredible!  Miller’s red yarn for his next project was dyed by Joelle.  Laura at Rainbow Twist spins and dyes her yarns which are richly textured and colored.  They are amazing!  I want to get my hands on them for sure.

Hopefully soon you will be able to see these yarns in the shop!  These women and the work they do are inspiring, and exactly who I want to support at Great Pacific.

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