N0. 8 Hartshorne Woods – Rocky Point

My hike was close to home and short and sweet because I have been down and out with Bronchitis.  3.25 miles on the Rocky Point trail of Hartshorne Woods was all my sad lungs could handle.  Last Friday was a year since my Mom left this world, being in the woods and taking pictures makes me feel close to her, so it was important to me that I get outside for a little bit.  Obviously my life is forever altered by her departure.  Grief, now that I have experienced it in this way, is a strange emotion.  In it’s raw form it can be consuming and exhausting.  But as it becomes familiar , it’s not entirely sad or lonely and has a bitter-sweetness that can be comforting.  And when I am happy and going about the day grief is there too, but not in a dark way, more like a scar from a past fall, it’s just part of me now.  I cry easier now at memories and happy things.  My father-in-law is in his mid 80’s and cries all the time when he is recalling his loved ones and his past experiences.  I guess this is how aging and living for decades and loving people goes.  I’m glad to be in his boat with him now and I know I’m the newbie at this and have so much more to experience and learn.  I hope to be like him and always have laughter with my tears.

@ The Shop

The girls and I have been busy getting Christmas orders done at the frame shop.  It’s fun to see all the different things people give as gifts and to hear some of the stories behind them.  I’ve added another vendor to the shop, jewelry made by Dilly Dally Designs, you must see these earrings and Christmas ornaments!

The Second Sunday of Advent was celebrated at my house with dear friends.  We talked about the gift of Love we receive with the birth of Christ.  The Revealed Love of God.  Miller and I are really enjoying the month long celebration and setting time aside to talk about our faith.  Looking forward to this coming Sunday and celebrating the gift of Joy!

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