No. 9  Wharton State Forest

My Aunt Elisa hiked the Pine Barrens with me yesterday.  We had a great time, I can’t remember the last time I got her all to myself for an entire day!  We had wonderful conversation and laughs during our 14.3 mile jaunt through the woods.  We hiked up the Mullica River and down the Batsto River.  Aunt Lee is such an inspiration to me.  She is the tiniest person in our family, but her personality and love is enormous!  One of my examples of health and fitness, Aunt Lee is always on the move and enjoying every step with gratitude in her heart.  She’s always looking out for us, including packing a lunch and snacks for me on our hike.  She has taught me so many things; how to love sacrificially, how to be grateful for and find joy in small things, and how to honor God above all.  She inspires me to meet challenges and is one of my motivators for my 52 hike challenge.  She has made healthy eating and exercise a priority in her life and has been a great encouragement for me to do the same.  I love you Aunt Lee!!

@ The Shop

This 3rd Sunday of Advent we spent talking about the Gift of Joy with my Aunt Amy and Babs.  It was a lovely night with yummy food and great conversation.  I am a bit of a frazzled framing lady at the shop these days!  Custom orders are all in for framing but Oops! Frames are still plentiful and available through the 23rd.  We’re stocked with all kinds of gifty things from Dilly Dally Design earrings and ornaments to Pat McCarthy’s 2016 Calendars.  I’m really happy with the many handmade, quality items at the shop by local people, and I hope you get a chance to check them out.

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