Pyramid Mountain

No.13 Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area

So much to see and so much fun on Monday.  Yes, it was very cold, but I was prepared.  Lots of layers, a fleeced-lined, ear-flap hat and gloves inside mittens.  Toasty!!  I did a 5.9 mile loop with a 771ft. elevation gain in about 3 hours.  I visited all the sites, Tripod Rock, Whale Rock and Bear Rock – all pretty unique glacial erratics, and Lucy’s Lookout and the summit of Pyramid Mountain.  I think this would be fun with friends, though I’m sure it gets crowded on the weekend.

I’m really glad to have this time to be alone to focus my thoughts on what is important and what I need to do for the week.  My brain in on overload as I get ready to dive into big renovations at the shop.  Paul Miller has several projects he is working on for the new space as well.  I have the POD and dumpster being delivered on Tuesday.  We have to empty the ENTIRE front room!!  The walls are being redone, then the floor is being installed, lights are being changed.  Then we move back in!  I’m hoping to have everything done in about 4 weeks, but realistically, it will be more like 5 or 6.  Because you know, no matter what the contractor tells Tom Hanks, it’s NEVER 2 weeks!!!

@ The Shop

So, along with the big renovation, the shop personality is changing a bit too, including a new name.  The shop will be known as Frame & Fiber when we reopen again next month.  This reflects my personality better, describes what we are about, and highlights my love of F words 🙂  I hope you like it

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