Giant Stairs & Peanut Leap

No.12 Palisades Interstate Park

Jaime and I decided to hike the Palisades on New Year’s Day for Hike 12 of my 52 Hike Challenge.  It was mild but overcast.  We did a 5 mile loop with an 860′ elevation gain, which included lots of rock scrambling on the Giant Stairs trail and beautiful Hudson River scenery.  We had a great time!  I really enjoy Jaime’s company and am so glad she’s able to join me on some of my hikes.  This hike was, for me, a bit crowded, possibly because I hike on Monday when the rest of the world is at work.  And being in the Northeastern part of NJ on a holiday added plenty of nature lovers to the landscape.  It was jolly, however, with New Year wishes being given between all as we passed each other on the trail.  Overall a great time, and definitely added to the return list.

@ The Shop

There’s a lot of ingredients in the mix at the shop now that the Holidays are behind us.  I have a bunch of yarnie projects finished and ready for photographing.  Several interesting framing jobs are on the table, including the biggest canvas that I’ve ever stretched.  Allison is busy getting Daisy Lane items made, I’m getting used to the sounds of a sewing machine.  The scarf above is knit with one skein of Venezia Worsted from Cascade Yarns.  It was a fun knit and this yarn drapes and feels so nice as it is a Silk and Merino blend.  The color too is so beautiful.  The shop is closing for almost a month end of January into February for a big renovation in the gallery.  I ordered the flooring, POD and dumpster this week.  YIKES!!  I am a bit stressed about the logistics and costs, but it is much needed.  I will finally have a space that reflects my taste and personality, which is a dream for sure.  The other picture up there is me with my short hair.  I miss it short, but MUST NOT cut it off again!  Don’t know why I threw that in there!!  Have a great week.


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