Mahlon Dickerson

No.15 Mahlon Dickerson Reservation – short loop

Dare I say it…this was a lovely hike!  Yes, it was cold! But I was pretty good, much better than I expected.  I cannot begin to explain how beautiful the sky was, endless blue!  The view atop Headley Overlook was great, no civilization to be seen, and that is a major feat in New Jersey!  The wind was to my back, and I had a sunny spot behind a south facing boulder, down-right toasty 🙂  The woods and streams felt magical with the snow and ice covering everything.  My Columbia Remond Mid Waterproof Boots were put to the test as my foot went through some ice, ankle deep in frozen water.  Not a drop made it inside my boot.  Yippee!  I had a 5 second moment of panic though, but it was alright.  I also had several moments of, “what was that?!,” because it was so windy the trees were making the scariest sounds.  Not to mention that the wind sounded like a freight train.  This Hike was a little under 5miles, (1 made a wrong turn and added about 1/2 a mile to the total), with an elevation gain of 604ft. and took me roughly 2hours 30minutes to finish.  Hike 15 of my 52 Hike Challenge = Complete!

@ The Shop

We’ve started the big overhaul of the shop.  This week we cleaned out and prepped for moving/storing our inventory and for demolition of the gallery.  Yikes, I said the word demolition…I’ve been avoiding it!  Wish us luck

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