Shark River

No. 16 Shark River Park

You all know how much snow was dumped on us on Saturday, it made for a very fun hike!  Because we didn’t know what to expect, we decided to stay close to home and snowshoe at Shark River.  We originally tried to go to Allaire but it wasn’t open yet.  The Monmouth County Parks System did an excellent job opening so soon after the storm; NJ State Parks, not so much.  Jim and I had a good time on our four and half mile jaunt through the woods.  Trudging through the snow is a workout!!!  I was a disgusting mess when I got home.  I need to procure a pair of crampons for next week’s hike up north in the mountains.  Stay tuned…

@ The Shop

Oh Man!!  I can’t believe what the shop looks like.  And I can’t believe it will be ready to open again in one month!  The week was spent disassembling the space and disposing of the things that will not be used in the new shop.  The snowstorm kind of messed with our plans a bit, but, them’s the brakes.  or is it breaks?  Walls and ceiling are being done this week.  It’s moving along 🙂

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