Turkey Swamp

No.17 Turkey Swamp Park

This hike was hard.  Miller and I have been working long hours at the shop and my knee has been bothering me.  I’ve not been to my gym, Carbone Fitness since we began the renovation either, so I thought I would take it easy at a Monmouth County park.  But the melting snow was hard to get through and put it more pressure on my knee.  It was beautiful though.  The colors of winter are so subtle and quiet, and I think are my favorite.  The snow keeps record of who comes and goes and I was surprised to see only one pair of boot prints and dog prints on the trail before me.  Deer, squirrel and racoon traffic however was really heavy!  About 2 miles into this 4.5 mile loop, I started hearing gunshots, this has been the first time during hunting season.  I guess with the snow cover and unseasonably warm temps, this day was perfect for hunting.  And I was probably the only hiker there too.  Turkey Swamp is really a nice park, this was my first visit.  It was nice to see the Manasquan outside of Allaire.

@ The Shop


The renovation is moving along smoothly so far.  Jaime and I removed the drop-ceiling and cut the new edge tiles.  Miller replaced and re-positioned the ceiling lamps and he taught me all kinds of cool tricks for running cable.  Rob finished up the drywall and will start painting by the end of the week.  I was able to sell some unwanted things on Craigslist which saved some room in the very full dumpster.  Tonight I will hopefully get the ceiling tiles back in and Miller will finish up with the electrical work.  This weekend he will start on the new framing counter!  And Rob will put down the new floor. Yippee!!

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