Delaware Water Gap

No. 19 Rattlesnake Swamp Trail/AT Loop

Jaime joined me on my 19th hike of my 52 hike challenge.  It was a great day to be spent on the Kittatinny Ridge.  The bright sunshine and nonexistent wind made our 47 degree high warm and cheery.  We walked a 5 mile loop with a 564ft. elevation gain.  The beginning had us walking through the swamp which was still pretty icy.  The sunshine reflecting on the surface of the ice and water lit up all the moss and algae below while the tall pine trees cast long shadows across the landscape.  Jaime and I felt like we walked into another world, just beautiful!  We spied Eastern Bluebirds, Crows and Vultures as well as a few squirrels, other than that, the wildlife was still lying low.  On our way home we stopped at the Paulinskill River and checked out the ruins of an old church in Hardwick.  A really great day!

My Aunt Amy celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to finally finish a project for her.  My Mom had started a blanket for her a couple of months before she died and I have been trying to figure out what to do with it.  I didn’t want to finish it as a blanket, there was a lot of work left to do and if I had continued the blanket, it would have been more of my work than my Mom’s.  And it was important to me to give it to her “from Peg.”  It measured roughly 6ft. by 30 inches.  I folded it in half lengthwise and blanket stitched a 26″ seam at each end to make arm holes, folded the cuffs in and stitched them secure.  And my Aunt ended up with a cozy little shrug to wear around the house!  I really loved seeing my Mom’s safety pin markers, they helped her so much since her chemo-brain always lost count.  I especially got a kick out of the one strand of sparkly yarn she added, she was getting bored and wanted to jazz it up, lol.

@ The Shop…no pictures this week.  We have been so busy getting everything going that I didn’t stop to snap any photos.  Next week for sure 🙂



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