Laurel Pond Loop

No.20  Wawayanda State Park


Wawayanda State Park embraces over 35,000 acres of forests and waters in the rough, hilly country of the New Jersey Highlands.  The name, pronounced Wa-wa-yanda, is the phonetic rendition of the Lenape name, said to mean “winding, winding water,” or “water on the mountain.” – you can read more about this great NJ park at where I find most of my hiking information.  Jaime came with me on my 20th hike.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  I would definitely recommend this hike to people of all hiking experience including kids, however, the loop is almost 7 miles long, with an easy elevation gain of about 600ft.  There is lots to see and explore and I plan on heading back to explore other trails soon.  We are seeing signs of spring, from all the fungi and new lichen to glimpses of chipmunks and spring birds.  I am looking forward to all the activity in the woods that comes with spring, but I will miss the quiet and solitude of winter.

@ The Shop

The shop is finally open for custom framing business again!  Right now it’s bare bones.  Miller and I still have a few projects to finish before I can hang artwork or display the yarn inventory for sale.  I’m hoping to have the yarn back in the gallery in the next few weeks.  It’s been great to clear out the space and start over.  The carpeting and walls and ceiling were about 30 years old, and although it was a cozy place, it never felt like mine or reflected my personality.  What it reflected about me was my experience and talent with making the best with what I have.  I’m taking my time filling the space because I want to be purposeful and thoughtful about what and why I am doing it.  So, please bear with me as I figure it out!

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