Halifax/Ridge Trails Loop

No. 21 Ramapo Valley Reservation

Great Hike!  5 miles, 3 hours 25 minutes, 960ft. elevation gain.  Moderately difficult because the ascents at the beginning are steep!  Lots of people were out and about, though the further I got away from the parking area the less I saw, Spring must be here.  I really love challenging my middle-aged, out-of-shape body on these hikes, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  And sometimes, a hike might be the only thing I do in a week that I am able to do through to completion.  The shop is very busy, and obviously that is good.  But, since before the renovation, I feel like IT has been running ME.  I love it, but sometimes, it makes me tired!  I probably need to spend some time knitting 🙂


@ the Shop

I’m very glad to be doing custom framing again and getting back to doing work that actually pays bills.  Custom framing orders are plentiful right now, yippeee!  And because of the work load, the yarn section of the store will not be up and running for a couple more weeks.  I still have several projects to finish before I can tackle moving the yarn back in.  I am very excited about the projects in the queue.  Stay tuned…

Oh, and P.S. – the name change has been approved…Frame & Fiber it is then 🙂

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