Turkey Mountain

No. 24 Turkey Mountain Loop

Turkey Mountain is part of the Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area, which was where I did Hike 13.  The weather on Monday was pretty nasty so I opted for Wednesday and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  There was a lot to see on the 5.3 mile hike with a total elevation gain of 682ft.  My pictures never do justice to the beautiful places that I visit, but you can get an idea of all the sites Turkey Mountain has to offer.  The hundred steps trail along the power line was actual very cool and very steep and the views at the top were great.  Then there were the ruins of a stone cabin and the view of Lake Valhalla and NYC.  Next up was a pretty waterfall followed by Botts Pond.  Beavers have made a pretty sizable dam at the bottom of the pond which as cause the pond to flood the surrounding trees.  It’s amazing what the beavers can do.  At the end of the hike, I circled back around to the scenic overlook of Lake Valhalla and enjoyed my salad, though I would have enjoyed it more if I had remembered to bring a fork!!

@ the Shop

Leanne and I are finalizing the logo this week and I hope to have signs with the new name in a couple of weeks.  Once that happens I will start to refer to the shop as Frame & Fiber.  I’m still answering the phone as Great Pacific to match the sign outside.  I can’t wait to be completely transitioned to Frame & Fiber!!  Once the remodel is behind me, I really need to take photos at work more and plan what I want to talk about in these blog entries. It’s so easy and straight forward to do it for my hiking, not so much for the shop.  But if I can manage it, I feel like it will help me stay focused at work.  I’ve been pretty swamped with custom framing orders and I have a few items to frame for the shop.  I will try to take pictures, especially since the shop pieces have fillets in the design.  A blog post about the why and how of fillets would be cool.  Well, cool to a framer anyway…


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