Monksville Reservoir

No. 25  Long Pond Ironworks State Park

Monksville reservoir is beautiful and quiet.  I met a fellow hiker and woods-lover up on the summit, we had a great conversation and he filled me in on some of the hidden gems up in the Wyanokie mountain range.  I absolutely love Passaic county!  My 3.2 mile hike included one really steep climb with an elevation gain of 433 feet.  As I was looking out over the reservoir snow flurries started to fall.  I am so happy to have had another wintery hike, even though the changing forest is really lovely as Spring begins.

Friday Night Hikes

Jaime and I are definitely enjoying our Friday night hikes and beers!  These pictures are from the last 2 hikes.  We enjoyed a couple of Smithwick’s Irish Ale two weeks ago along the Manasquan river with lovely and mild springtime weather.  This past Friday with temperatures back in wintertime, Etta Mae joined us along the blue trail sipping a Belgian White from Allagash Brewing Co.  These beers were refreshing, though with the cold temps yesterday, Woods and Wine would have been more appropriate 🙂

@ The Shop

Framing is going great!  Finished a bunch of new pieces for sale in the shop.  I love how perfectly the fillet and fabric mat works with the antique prints.  I’ve also begun hanging framing samples, signs and artwork in the gallery.  The “yarn” sign feels like it should read “coming later”!  But, the Lord is teaching me patience through all of this.  It’s funny (and not so funny) how many people come in and ask about the yarn in such a tone that implies their annoyance…as if I’m delaying the yarn shop on purpose!?  No one is wanting the yarn shop up and running more than me!  But, teach me, O Lord, the disciplines of patience…

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