Wyanokie Torne

No. 26  Torne Mountain Loop from Otter Hole

I know you’ve heard me say this before, and I apologize for the repetition, but this hike was so fun!  I hiked a 3.29 mile loop with a 656ft. elevation gain.  Norvin Green State Forest has too many amazing places to discover and vistas to see.  The trails are fun with lots of rocks to climb and scramble, and beautiful landscapes to explore.  If I could live in this forest I would 🙂  I took my lunch at Osio Rock and surveyed the NYC skyline and watched turkey vultures and hawks glide on the wind.  After lunch I made my way to the Torne Mountain summit, known as “Wyanokie Torne” and snapped a million pictures along the way.  I have added a new challenge to my hiking adventures and this summit is the first.  I am hoping to reach the summit of the 52 NJ mountains above 1000ft.  If I finish I will become a member of the NJ1K Club!  Reaching the summit of Torne Mountain, 1120ft.,  is fun with a steep spot of rocks to scramble up.  The NYNJTC volunteers have made an alternate trail here in case the rock scramble is too difficult for some hikers, which makes this beautiful hike accessible to less experienced hikers, children and people with injuries or limitations.  I scrambled my way up…for me this is better than a roller coaster ride!  A little ways off the trail is the stone living room.  This is a great hang out spot, especially if you are hiking with a group.  Unfortunately, the stone “furniture” looks like it’s been turned over some.  It’s sad to know that people find enjoyment out of destroying and ruining public spaces.  But it’s still there and just needs a group of young, strong hikers to pass by and put her back together!  I’m sure it will happen 🙂  I popped a squat for a bit, enjoyed the views and warm sunshine, and had a snack.  After making my way back to the parking lot, I made the 1.5 hour drive home and stopped for a scoop of ice cream at The Perfect Scoop.  Ice cream is one of the many reasons I have for hiking 🙂

@ The Shop

Miller and I poured the last layer of epoxy resin on the table and this week we ate lunch at it for the first time!  We still have to sand the bottom to remove the hardened drips, but that’s it!!  We have two major projects to finish up before I move the yarn back into the gallery.  At this point “back to normal” may not be until Memorial Day!! lol

Allison has brought her Daisy Lane Design products back to the gallery and the place looks great!  With the table finished she will finally be able to offer sewing classes again!  If you need a gift for someone or a splurge for yourself, stop in and check out her offerings.  The NJ Bags were featured in NJ Magazine and her custom-made Cash Envelopes are featured on Cozycakes Cottage youtube channel.

OK, I’m off…lots of framing to do 🙂

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